Passions That Pay

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I hope you enjoyed my last article about writing and you’re waiting for more content about passions that pay, because I’m here to provide you with yet another one! It’s about a hobby that has been with humanity since the prehistoric times and never left us. It allowed us to pass images of daily lives for centuries, was used for communication and still plays a huge role in our lives – that’s right, I’ll be talking about painting and art in general! While modern art may be misunderstood by huge amount of people, it doesn’t change the fact that the best paintings reach astronomical prices on auctions. Enjoy your read.

Even in the ancient times, art has been with humanity – have you ever read about the paintings that have been found in the Lascaux Caves in France? I’ve learned about them in my art class about 15 years ago and I still find it interesting that the ancient man was possible of creating such detailed images with just what they got from Mother Nature. The paintings have been reproduced and recovered since then, because thousands of years don’t do any good for the dye. The caves used to bring over one thousand of visitors per day until they have been shut down due to the paintings degrading thanks to exposure to light, air and people.

As I mentioned earlier, many people seem to dislike modern art, with paintings like “Red square” by Kazimier Malevich that has been showcased in Saint Petersburg in 1915 for the first time. Featuring actually nothing besides the titular red square on the white background, the artwork is supposed to foresee the incoming October revolution that was about to happen in Russia, and let’s not forget this all happens during the World War I. If you believe this is all fine, well then, let me remind you that the painting is worth around 200 thousand dollars.

All in all, let’s get to business. If you’re just starting out as a painter, you might try to go and do some research in your local city for art galleries and your local market, where you’re most likely to be able to sell your work. And while you may start out small, you will soon build up your audience and people could even order paintings from you to be done in specific style. My friend does face portraits for the upper-class families and makes a living out of those, so don’t get unmotivated when your first work doesn’t sell – keep trying and you’re bound to succeed! Good luck!

In the last article, I’ve mentioned two main reasons why having a passion that pays, and I really recommend reading the article before you proceed on reading. In this article, I’ll talk about one of the passions that I personally have turned into a monetary gain. Let’s start with a bit of introduction – we all love reading books, and while nowadays people read less and less per year, it’s still a very popular hobby, and while we’re all here enjoying the pages, someone had to write them earlier. That’s right, today we will be talking about writing and how to turn the passion for filling pages with text into monetary gain for yourself.

I’ll start with talking about some famous people you should know by now that made, or still make, their living by writing amazing books that society likes. Let’s take J. K. Rowling for example – she wrote the world-wide known Harry Potter series, and after having a bit of trouble finding a publisher for her stories, she finally managed to release them and guess what – her fortune is now estimated at around 800 million dollars. Another famous writer you probably know from amazing thrillers is Dan Brown, who has sold 200 million copies of his work so far, being one of the highest selling authors of all time. With six books written, two of them have been adapted as movies, namely “The Da Vinci Code” and “Angels & Demons”.

Now, when starting out with writing, you probably haven’t released a bestseller at the age of 15, like Christopher Paolini and his “Eragon” series, but there’s no need to worry. There are many available positions for a beginner writers like you that you can take advantage of. In the modern era of Internet, publishing was never as easy. I’ll have a special look at Amazon Kindle Market and its “Kindle Direct Publishing” program, which is an amazing option for a writer. Basically, if you create a book and you have digital rights for it, you can publish it for free on Amazon’s marketplace if it’s written in one of the specified languages and you can get 70% of all the sales that your book gathers. You specify the price on your own, so you’re free to value your work accordingly.

As you can see, writing can be as fun as it is paying off, and while you don’t have to start big with millions on your account and few bestsellers, you can make a decent living if you publish a book that’s worth-reading. Stay tuned for more!

When you were young and wondering on what career path you might possibly choose in your future, people probably told you a lot to follow your passion, as fulfilling your desires will be the only enjoyable form of work for you in the future. That’s true, and it’s still valid in the XXI century – it doesn’t matter how big one job’s salary is, in most cases, if you aren’t truly keen on what you’re doing, your work will seem like a tiresome chore that you have to do for the bigger part of your life. We don’t want that and that’s why having a passion that pays is an important thing – I present you two main reasons why this statement is so true.

The main reason is focused more on self-improvement aspect of your life than monetary gain, as having a passion that pays allows you to enjoy your hobby. It’s simple as that – we all have hobbies, and each one has a different one, be it writing, skateboarding, skiing or even riding a go-kart. As a kid, what was more beautiful than having your own free time to spend on doing things you like, after hours of household chores your mom forced you to do? Exactly, nothing. Even though we’re all grown up now, I believe we haven’t stopped to enjoy free time – going out with friends for a drink in a pub, playing some video games on our favorite console or watching movies – those are all passions and imagine turning them into something that will yield you some income!

This brings us to the second reason why having a passion that pays greatly benefits your life – you will be able to make money while enjoying your favorite hobby – isn’t that what we have all wanted during our lives? When work becomes truly enjoyable, we’re able to stop looking at it as “work” per se – it becomes our source of enjoyment, while also providing income for us and our families –how awesome is that? Just try to remember all the countless you spent wondering what would you do if you could change your typical 9-15 job into something more interesting.

All in all, having a passion that pays can be a great addition to your life – not only it will allow you to enjoy yourself on a daily basis, but will also provide you with means necessary to survive.